Top 10 Sites' Web Server Operating Systems

Linux reliability

I think you are right about the popularity of Linux's reliability, but I also think that the fact that the OS itself is free plays a big part in the business decision to use it instead of commerical enterprise operating systems.

I often wonder how many web startups and business ventures there would be if everyone had no choice but to pay a large single or recurring license fees just use or add to an OS platform, such as the Windows Server line.

How could you get it so

How could you get it so wrong. Google wouldn't dream of using windows regardless of price as would most other sites, it's an inferior operating system, both in performance and more importantly security. And it's IT experts who design the IT infrastructure. I'm sure a lot of guys at microsoft wish the could be running a linux box but cant.


For your confirmation is google using chrome os or linux

Chrome OS is a desktop

Chrome OS is a desktop operating system. This article is about identifying which server OS is providing the platform for each web site.