Collapsible Fieldsets Without jQuery

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c_fieldset.jpgYou know those nifty collapsible fieldsets that Drupal uses?  No?  Oh... well, let me explain: Drupal often uses fieldsets to represent information, which can collapse at the click of a mouse.  This lets visitors to your site hide information or forms they don't care about.  It's accomplished using some jQuery wizardry and is uber slick.

What I have created does not use jQuery, and is not uber slick.  But, it does provide the same basic functionality.  The reason I chose not to use jQuery is so that you are not required to download and install any extra libraries.

What I have created is a simple PHP function which, when called, will generate all of the HTML, CSS, and Javascript necessary to give you a collapsible fieldset.

Click here to see a demo of it in action.  (And use the download link at the top of this post to get the source code).

The idea is you just include the function c_fieldset in your source code, then call it like this:

print c_fieldset("This is my content", "My Title");

And you do not need to worry about any extra jQuery libraries.

So there you go.


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