Arrange Fields - Drupal 6 Module

 Note!  This project is now an official Drupal project.  You may download it by going here:

 ar-screen1.pngHave you ever used CCK or Webform with Drupal, and found yourself wishing you could easily arrange the fields in a horizontal style, or just easily resize textfields and areas on the fly?  Then this module is for you.  It gives you a simple drag-and-drop interface to to arrange fields on your forms.

Tab indexing is also respected, so no matter how you arrange your fields, you can still tab through them in a logical order.


  • Drag and drop fields into any arrangement you want. Makes CCK and webforms look more like pen-and-paper forms.
  • Resize textfields and textareas by dragging.
  • Edit CCK configurations for each field (required, help text, allowed values, etc) in a popup without having to leave the page.

Requires jQuery UI and either CCK or Webform. Pay close attention when installing the jQuery UI module! You also need to install the jQuery UI plugin (and the right version of it!) Check out that module's README.txt for more information.

Visit the module page on for the latest version, as well as additional instructions on how to use it.



This module seems to be a very interesting one. Congratulationas.

Can you please publish 2 or 3 examples where it has been used?

Thanks a lot.

I'm afraid that information

I'm afraid that information isn't given to me, but according to the project page on ( there are, at the time of this comment, over 2,500 installs registered.

Also, here is a video tutorial someone recorded for an earlier version:

It installs very quickly-- I say just install it and give it a shot!