Top Web Sites Running Linux

Last year, I posted an article detailing the OS of choice for the top 10 web sites, finding that most of them were running some flavor of Linux. 

Linux.jpgWell, since a year has passed, I thought it might be nice to check again, not just the top 10, but some other well-known sites.

Here are my results, retrieved April 3, 2011:

Ranking from
Results from

Ranking Site OS
1 Google Linux
2 Facebook Linux
3 YouTube


4 Yahoo! Linux
5 Blogger Linux
6 Baidu unknown, running apache
7 Windows Live Windows-based
8 Wikipedia Linux
9 Twitter Linux
10 QQ Linux

 As you can see, 8 of the top 10 are running some flavor of Linux, which speaks volumes about the reliability of the OS.  Many of the top 11+ sites are just foreign variations on these sites.  For example, Google India is #14, is #12. 

So, I have decided to select several other sites which English-speakers are more likely to have used... 

  • #17.  LinkedIn ... Linux
  • #20.   Bing ... WIndows-based
  • #21.   Wordpress ... Linux
  • #32.   Mozilla ... Linux
  • #33.   Flickr ... Linux
  • #34.   Apple ... unknown (probably Unix/Apple-based)
  • #38.   PayPal ... Linux
  • #39.   Craigslist ... Linux
  • #42.   Ask ... Linux
  • #44.   CNN ... Linux
  • #56.   Tumblr ... Linux
  • #60.   GoDaddy ... Windows Server 2008
  • #72.   LiveJournal ... Linux
  • #87.   CNET ... Windows-based (I think)
  • #90.   eHow ... Linux
  • #115.   StackOverflow ... Linux
  • #172.   FoxNews ... Linux

Now, to be fair, this list was cherry-picked by me, to illustrate how many famous websites use Linux.  Many sites between #11 and #200 use Microsoft, while others the OS could not be determined.  What I find very interesting is that of the most popular sites, Windows and Linux are the clear winners-- not Unix.  Of the sites I tested, I did not find one which was known to run a Unix variant.


There is really little

There is really little difference between Linux and Unix (even though Linux was written from scratch). Linux, BSD, Mach etc are all flavors of Unix. If there was no Unix (God bless Ritchie and Thompson), there would be no Linux or IOs today.

Do not club Unix and Windows together. Most top websites using Windows belong to Microsoft. Outside of Microsoft, not many would consider Windows for a top website.

Almost all top websites use some flavor of Unix. You forgot Amazon, E-Bay and many more ...

According to the tool I was

According to the tool I was using (netcraft) Amazon and Ebay could not be determined to be running Unix. Their status is simply unknown. If they are in fact running a flavor of Unix, I stand corrected, but your statement that "almost all top websites use some flavor of Unix" is simply incorrect, unless you are considering Linux a flavor of Unix, which I do not. Of course it is a descendant of Unix, but the point of my post was to show the popularity of this typically-free, open source OS, and how top billion-dollar web companies (like Google and Facebook) also rely on it (rather than paying for, say, Solaris, or some other Unix variant).