Draw a Box Around a Coordinate In Google Maps Based on Miles or Kilometers

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This post explains how, given latitude and longitude coordinates in Google Maps (specifically, in the Static API), how one can draw a bounding box around them, based on a distance in either miles or kilometers.

gmap_bounding.pngLet's say you already know the lat/long of a particular point on the map, and now you want to draw a box around it, or maybe you just need to know the lat/long coordinates of another point, so many km or miles away?  Well, this is the script for you!

Based on a script retrieved from here:

The trick is that Google Maps wants you to provide it with the lat/long coordinates for each corner of the box.  After several hours of searching, I finally found a script which I was able to modify to give me what I needed.

Simply download the script linked at the top of the page, and then use the following code to create the image you see here. 


    $lat = -33.872986011907216;
    $lng = 150.90904516601563;

    // Create the static map api image.
    $static_maps_url = "http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/staticmap";
    $static_maps_url .= "?center=$lat,$lng";
    $static_maps_url .= "&zoom=15";
    $static_maps_url .= "&size=300x300";
    $static_maps_url .= "&maptype=roadmap";
    $static_maps_url .= "&sensor=false";
    $static_maps_url .= "&markers=color:blue|$lat,$lng";

    // Figure out the corners of a box surrounding our lat/lng.
    $d = 0.3;  // distance
    $path_top_right = bpot_getDueCoords($lat, $lng, 45, $d);
    $path_bottom_right = bpot_getDueCoords($lat, $lng, 135, $d);
    $path_bottom_left = bpot_getDueCoords($lat, $lng, 225, $d);
    $path_top_left = bpot_getDueCoords($lat, $lng, 315, $d);
    $static_maps_url .= "&path=color:334433|weight:5|fillcolor:0xFFFF0033|";
    $static_maps_url .= "$path_top_left|$path_top_right|$path_bottom_right|";
    $static_maps_url .= "$path_bottom_left|$path_top_left";
    // Now, draw the image from Google Maps API!
    print "<img src='$static_maps_url'>";



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