Java Associative Array (Sort Of)

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Ever wish that Java had associative arrays (aka assoc arrays) like in PHP?  As in, $x["name"] = "Bill" ?  Well, I created a helper class for Java which comes close to approximating it.  It can even loop through it similar to foreach().

ipad-java.jpgI call the class PseudoAssocArray, because it actually uses a HashMap to do the behind the scenes work. 

Simply include the file attached at the top of the page in your project, then use it like so:

PseudoAssocArray temp = new PseudoAssocArray(1);
temp.put("name", "April");
temp.put("age", "26");
// ...
String n = temp.get("name");

You can even make it be 2 dimensional by supplying a 2 in the constructor.  For example:

PseudoAssocArray temp = new PseudoAssocArray(2);
temp.put(0, "name", "April");
temp.put(1, "name", "Samuel");
// ...
String n = temp.get("1", "name");

Loop through like so:

temp.resetCounter(); //always do this first
while (temp.hasMore()) {
  Object obj = temp.getNext();
  // or: String s = (String) temp.getNext();

To loop through and get both key and value, try this:

while (temp.hasMore()) {
  Map<String, Object> entry = temp.getNextMap();
  String key = (String) entry.get("key");
  String value = (String) entry.get("value");



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