Make Any Keyboard a Multi-Media Keyboard

Are you stuck with a boring plain-Jane keyboard, with no volume controls or Prev/Next buttons?  Well, have no fear-- you can redefine some of those F-keys you never use to take on the task.

250px-QWERTY_keyboard.jpgWhat you'll need is a simple program called KeyTweak.  It lets you "remap" one key to any other key.  The program isn't the easiest one to use, but I found it worked well for me.  The only limitation I found was that it can't remap the Pause-Break button.

Here's my personal remapping:

  • F9 = Volume down
  • F10 = Volume up
  • F11 = Previous Track
  • F12 = Next Track
  • Scroll Lock = Play/Pause

There's actually a bunch of options for what you can remap a key to, like starting your web browser, Calc, mail, etc.

Enjoy at your own risk!