Make Spotify Start Playing Over Bluetooth When You Get In Your Car (or any other BT device connects)

I know I'm a little late to the party, but I just recently got a Bluetooth-enabled radio installed in my older car.  I've never had such before, and I LOVE it.  You can get them at Best Buy, and have them installed there for around $70 if you don't want to do it yourself.

I also love Spotify.  The "pro" plan is cheap, especially if you do a family plan which they recently started offering.

Here's my problem:  When my car connects to my Android phone, it starts to play the default Android mp3 player-- and nothing I could do (at the time of this writing) could change that.  I found helpful apps online which would *start* Spotify when the car connected, but nothing that would make it start *playing*.  I still had to do that manually on my phone.

But then I found a solution (for Android anyway)...

Tasker.  This app lets you set up arbitrary tasks that get fired off under different conditions.  In this situation, it let me tell Spotify to start PLAYING when my car's Bluetooth audio receiver connects.  This would work for any BT device, I would assume.

Credit where credit is due:  I adapted my plans here from this site, which explains how to start Spotify when you plug in headphones.

I'll also say that this isn't perfect exactly.  But it works about 80% of the time, which is better than 0% of the time in my book.

  1. Begin by download Tasker on your phone.  Yes, it costs a few bucks.  Don't be stingy, you'll will appreciate it.  And no, I'm not being paid by Tasker, Spotify, etc ;)
  2. Open tasker.  
    1. Under "Profiles" tab, tap the "+" to add a new profile.  
    2. Select "State",
    3. then "Net",
    4. then "BT Connected".
    5. Press the Magnifying Glass icon next to "name".  This will let you select WHICH Bluetooth device you want to trigger the connection to.
    6. Repeat step 5 for the "address" field.  Select the same device.
    7. Press the back button.  It will ask you to create a new task.  Do that.  Press the "New Task" option.  Name it the same thing if you want, or any other name.  Ex:  "Start spotify".
  3. You will now be editing your new task.  
    1. Press the "+" button.  
    2. Select "App",
    3. then "Launch App",
    4. then select Spotify.  
    5. Press the back button.
  4. Now we want to create a "wait" action so that it will wait a few seconds before trying to play.  If we don't do this, it might not have time to load first.
    1. Press the "+" button again.
    2. Select "Task"
    3. Select "Wait"
    4. Set to 5 seconds.
    5. Press Back button
  5. Now the real magic.  Send the "Play" command to spotify.  Note:  In the original page I linked to, they also show you how to adjust your volume if you wish.  I am skipping that step.
    1. Press the "+" button
    2. Select "System"
    3. Select "Send Intent"
    4. Set these fields exactly (case sensetive!)
      1. Action:
      2. Cat: None
      3. Package:
      4. Target: Broadcast Receiver

And that's it!  Your profiles screen should look a little something like this:

And your task should look a little something like this:  (Note, I changed the volume on mine as well)

For an added feature, if you don't want the Tasker notification showing up on your lock screen or at the top of you screen all the time, go to Settings -> Sound and Notifications, Application Notifications, and select to block notifications from Tasker.