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Android Games with Gamepad Support

If you happen to own an Android-based phone or tablet, and you also happen to enjoy playing games with a real gamepad instead of on-screen controls, then you are in luck.

I recently started a new site, specifically for the purpose of keeping up with games that have these options.  It's called simply Android Gamepad Games (

There's also now an official app on the Google Play store!  Check it out here.  You can even launch your games directly from the app, making it more like a console experience.

The list can be sorted, and entries includes a screenshot taken from the Google Play store.  The list is hand-curated by yours truly, but updates can easily be submitted if you notice a problem.



Alex the Alien

Who doesn't like new games?  No one, that's who.  And you're not no one, then you may enjoy my latest game: Alex the Alien and the Mummy's Pyramid.

I just released it for the new Android-powered OUYA system, though I'm planning to also release it for the Google Play and Amazon App Store android marketplaces too.

You play as Alex, a little alien who has become trapped in a mummy's pyramid, and now much solve the puzzle of each level to make it to the exit.

But you can read more about it on my other site,

You can also see the complete write-up on the site

Sample screenshot:

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