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Design Java UI Like Visual Basic

LibGDX Keycodes to Strings


Software License Fine Print

This code is considered "open source," and is released under the GNU Public License version 3 or any later version ( In a nut shell, you can change this code however you want, and redistribute it, but ONLY if it is ALSO under the GNU Public License version 3 or later.  This code/software is given "as-is", with no warranty or guarantee.

If you use this code/software, I would appreciate credit and a link back to this site (, though this is not required.

Java Associative Array (Sort Of)


Software License Fine Print

Creative Commons LicenseThis code is licensed as-is, with no warranty or guarantee, under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

You may use this code however you want, even in commercial products, but only if you include attribution to me, Richard Peacock, as the original author of this small portion of code, but not in a way that implies I endorse your project.

For example, on a Help/Credits screen:  Portions of this project were based on work freely obtained from these developers: Richard Peacock (, NAME HERE, etc.  These outside developers neither endorse nor support this software.

If you use this code, feel free to email me to let me know!  I'll include a link to your project here.

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