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The Benefits of Virtual Servers Over Physical Servers

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If you are considering a new startup or have an existing business with a physical server somewhere on-site (in a closet or something similar), you should consider the benefits of using a virtual server instead.

Full disclosure: I have used the virtual server company before, though I am not being paid by them and receive no benefit from my endorsement.

Let me break it down simply, by price:

At the time of this writing, a basic capable Linode virtual server costs $20/month.  Through my own benchmarking tests, I've found its processor speed to be comparable with a modern medium-priced physical server.

Top Websites Running Linux (2015)

In the past I have posted articles which showed what the most popular websites in the world were running as a server OS.  It's been a few years, so I decided to check again.

As last time, I am using Alexa and Netcraft as tools to see website rankings and which server OS is being used (if known).

Ranking Site OS
1 Google Linux
2 Facebook Linux
3 YouTube


4 Baidu unknown (was Linux last time)
5 Yahoo Linux
6 Amazon unknown, probably Linux
7 Wikipedia Linux
8 Qq Linux
9 Twitter Linux
10 Linux

As was the trend a few years ago, Linux is the clear winner again, and even the other sites are almost certainly Linux, due to clues and articles found elsewhere, as well as their history.

Some other interesting (cherry-picked) sites from the top 100:

  • #14 - LinkedIn .... Linux
  • #17 - Ebay .... Linux
  • #20 - Bing ..... Windows server
  • #31 - ..... Linux
  • #33 - Reddit ...... Linux
  • #37 - Paypal ...... Linux
  • #40 - ...... Linux (I found this interesting, since Mac OS is Unix!)
  • #41 - Tumblr ....... Linux
  • #51 - Netflix ...... Linux
  • #81 - Dropbox ...... Linux
  • #99 - Adobe ...... Linux


While it's true that these sites were cherry-picked by myself, I went with popular sites that users would recognize.  Clearly, Linux is still the most trusted server OS out there for websites.


Top Web Sites Running Linux

Last year, I posted an article detailing the OS of choice for the top 10 web sites, finding that most of them were running some flavor of Linux. 

Linux.jpgWell, since a year has passed, I thought it might be nice to check again, not just the top 10, but some other well-known sites.

Here are my results, retrieved April 3, 2011:

Ranking from
Results from

Ranking Site OS
1 Google Linux
2 Facebook Linux
3 YouTube


4 Yahoo! Linux
5 Blogger Linux
6 Baidu unknown, running apache
7 Windows Live Windows-based
8 Wikipedia Linux
9 Twitter Linux
10 QQ Linux

 As you can see, 8 of the top 10 are running some flavor of Linux, which speaks volumes about the reliability of the OS.  Many of the top 11+ sites are just foreign variations on these sites.  For example, Google India is #14, is #12. 

So, I have decided to select several other sites which English-speakers are more likely to have used... 

Top 10 Sites' Web Server Operating Systems

Out of curiosity, I decided to find out what the top web sites in the world were running on their servers-- Linux, Unix, Windows, etc.  Here are my results, retrieved Friday, April 2, 2010:

Ranking from
Results from

  1. Google ... Linux
  2. Facebook ... Linux
  3. Yahoo ... Linux
  4. Youtube ... Linux
  5. Live ... Win Server 2003
  6. Wikipedia .... Linux (Ubuntu)
  7. Blogger ... Linux
  8. Baidu (?) ... unknown OS, running Apache
  9. MSN ... Win Server 2003
  10. QQ (?) ... Linux

Baidu and QQ both appear to be Chinese or Korean web sites, I am not sure which.  As you can see, 7 out of the top 10 are running some flavor of Linux.  I think that speaks volumes about the reliability of the OS.

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