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DVDStyler - So Easy My Mom Can Use It

I don't normally go out of my way to recommend software, but I feel like I must for a program called DVDStyler (

ffm.jpgA little backstory:  I am giving my parents a new digital camcorder for Christmas, and I wanted them to be able to create their own DVDs from the videos they shoot.  A little more backstory: my parents are terrified of technology.  There is no way I could have given them Roxio, Ulead, AVS, or any of the other solutions out there-- just too complicated.  Not to mention the fact that they can be costly.

I spent literally hours going through demos of all the popular solutions, trying to find something I deemed was easy enough for them to use (with a custom printed guide from me).  Then I found DVDStyler.

Here's the top things to know about it:

  • It's free/open source.
  • It's very simple to use, but also has some cool advanced features for more experienced users.
  • It can handle lots of different video formats (cameras might use MP4, MOV, or AVI).
  • It also burns the disc when finished.

 It also works for Unix, too.  So if this sounds like something you'd like to use, check it out.

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