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Latest version:, 12-14-2011
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    Spanish translation provided by Maximiliano MéndezClick here to download the .po file.
    Italian translation provided by Bruno Ravera. Click here to download the .po file.

Do you have a Drupal site and need a simple forum solution?  My new module, RP Forum, is a simple, all-in-one forum solution for Drupal 6. It installs with as few additional modules as possible, and works right out of the box.  It even includes a convertor to help you move from SMF (simple machines forum).

Try out a live demo of RP Forum now!

rpforum3.pngRP Forum provides many of the same features as other popular open-source forums, like phpbb and SMF.  While it does not have as many features as Drupal's premiere forum solution, Advanced Forum, it requires considerably fewer supporting modules and configurations (Advanced Forum requires between 15 - 20 additional modules, all with separate configurations, to replicate the functionality of phpbb or SMF).  From experience, I can tell you that setting up and themeing Advanced Forum with all those extra modules can take hours.

RP Forum requires just 3 additional modules to run, and comes with the most common features  expected of a forum.  That said, if you feel like you would prefer the flexibility of Advanced Forum, please give it a try; it is an excellent solution.  RP Forum is designed for novice (or lazy ;)  webmasters and their less-than-tech-savvy clients who just want a basic forum solution up and running in 15 minutes.

Features (included without additional modules!) 

  • Ability to ban users based on IP and IP ranges
  • You may filter out curse words (or any unwanted text) from posts
  • User signatures and avatars
  • User ranks based on # of posts
  • Moderators per forum
  • Subforums (1-level deep)
  • Automatic word wrap of long URLs or strings in the body of a post
  • View/Edit access control per forum (based on user role)
  • Custom search functionality
  • "Report abuse" functionality
  • Administrators can move and split topics, as well as move individual posts
  • Includes an attractive default theme and icons
  • Simple WYSIWYG BBCode editor - may be disabled, and fckeditor or any other editor may be used instead
  • Smiley package (included with WYSIWYG editor)
  • Automatic RSS/Atom feed of posts (may be disabled)
  • Users can "subscribe" (be emailed of replies) to posts
  • Automatically interfaces with Privatemsg and User Panel
  • Comes with a configurable "Recent Posts" block
  • All posts are CCK nodes, not comments.  So users can easily attach images or files or any other field type simply by adding the field to the rp_forum_post content type.
  • Spanish language translation provided by Maximiliano Méndez.
  • Italian language translation provided by Bruno Ravera.

rpforum1.png* This module also comes with a convertor to help you convert from an SMF forum, but be warned that it is rough and needs to be hand-configured for your setup. 

It will theoretically copy over your posts and users from an old SMF forum's database, and allow your users to log in to RP Forum using their SMF username and password.



Requirements:  Views, CCK, Install Profile API
Recommended: captcha, Privatemsg

Installation and Configuration Instructions

After installing and enabling the required modules, install rpforum as you would any other module.

Visit admin/settings/rpforum to configure.  By default, the menu root for rpforum will be at example.com/rpforum.  You may change that here.

rpforum2.pngNext, go to the "Forums" tab.  You must create at least one Container and one Forum.  Forums go inside of Containers.  To do this, drag the Forum row UNDER and TO THE RIGHT of the Container.  Containers may have multiple forums.  Click here to see an example of what this screen should look like.

Finally, before your forum will be useable by the general public, you must enable certain permissions.  Give your visitors/users the node->Create rp_forum_post content permission, as well as the Edit or Delete permissions as you see fit.  Also, give visitors/users the rpforum->access rpforums permission.

If you are allowing anonymous users to post on your forum, it is highly recommended you install the captcha module to cut down on spam submissions.  When configuring that module, use the form ID of "rp_forum_post_node_form" to place a CAPTCHA on the post forms.

Please note: this module checks for new versions by transmitting installation details back to richardpeacock.com.  No personal data is collected, just installation details and version number. Though it is recommended you leave this feature enabled, you can disable it by visiting admin/settings/rpforum.


Software License Fine Print

This code is considered "open source," and is released under the GNU Public License version 3 or any later version (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html). In a nut shell, you can change this code however you want, and redistribute it, but ONLY if it is ALSO under the GNU Public License version 3 or later.  This code/software is given "as-is", with no warranty or guarantee.

If you use this code/software, I would appreciate credit and a link back to this site (richardpeacock.com), though this is not required.