Drupal, in case you didn't know, is a content management system which is increadibly flexible and is generally friendly to developers.  I write modules (or add-ons) for Drupal, some of which are "official" modules, hosted on drupal.org, where my username is richardp.

"Official" modules hosted on drupal.org:

  • Arrange Fields - Drag and Drop form fields into any configuration.
  • Safer Login - encrypt users' passwords before submitting for added security
  • Shell - a web-based pseudo shell for Drupal sites.
  • Safer Login - Encrypts user's passwords before loggin gin. Great for when you do not have an SSL certificate on your site.

"Unofficial" modules I am hosting myself:

  • RP Forum - a complete, simple forum solution for Drupal 6 in as few downloads as possible.
  • Easy Gallery - a basic image gallery.
  • Daily Site Backup - have your site's files archived, split up, and emailed to you every night.
  • Daily MySQL Backup - backup your mysql databases, even in PHP safe mode.

In my spare time, I do freelance drupal development at varying rates, depending on the complexity of the project.  Please see the Freelance page if you would like to request my services.